100 Years of Fun at Noetzie

In two years time, Noetzie Township will be 100 years old. In celebration of that, here are some photos of all the fun people have had at Noetzie over the years.  Bird watching, fishing, hiking, boating on the river, surfing. Not much has changed, except perhaps there were more fish in those days and Noetzie people could take the Coffee Pot Train trip to the village. No more free rides, no more train or tracks. Oh yes, I forgot- the electric fences around the adjacent luxury estate, prevent fishermen and hikers from taking short cuts over the headlands to get to secret fishing spots, but otherwise, Noetzie really is just the same as 100 years ago..

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  1. Noetzie Reply

    Bruce thought the mystery lady was “the forest fairy” But it is not her, she was more rotund and scary looking. I will find that photo of her. There must be a story there. I think, maybe, the real story has got lost in time.

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