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old Noetzie castles before demolition and renovation

Noetzie Beach Castles

I’ve noticed that the words used in the title of this blog post are the most popular search terms bringing traffic to this website. I think people are fascinated by castles because castles take them back to their childhood,  fairy tales and stories of pirates and hidden treasures. I do not want to disappoint you but

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Noetzie- an Illustrated History Book, by Chris Everett

Chris Everett’s book – “Noetzie – An Illustrated History”, was launched in December 2012 and was very well received by the Noetzie community. The history covers a wide range of geological, geographic and environmental aspects, archaeology, the history of Noetzie’s establishment and development, politics and details of all the erven and the families who have

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Noetzie protest against Pezula 2006

Inwoners Knip Pezula se Draad by Noetzie-Trappe

Sowat 400 mense het gister deelgeneem aan ’n protesoptog om hul misnoeë te kenne te gee oor die sluiting van die historiese toegang tot Noetzie-strand. Omgekrapte inwoners, lede van die vissersgemeenskap, Rastafariërs van Judas Square wat die strand dikwels gebruik, en lede van die Guardians of the Garden Route (Gog) het gister omstreeks 10:00 oor

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