Dead Whale Washes onto the beach

On the first of November 2014, a dead Humpback whale washed onto the beach. It had been dead at sea for a few days before it got washed up, and had already started to break apart- the skull lies nearby, separate from the body. The smelly corpse is covered in gorging fat seagulls, making a constant happy racket.  Many people are quite concerned about the stench, and how the whale will be disposed off before the summer season. Conservancy members, Knysna Municipality and SAN Parks rangers are all involved and we are confident they will handle the challenge in the most environmentally considerate way, and everyone will be able to enjoy beach-time without the horrible rotting smell. In the meantime, Nature is dealing with it quite quickly, and it was floating and moving position during the high tide. We will add more photos and an update, later.



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